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Provident Bank's suite of Cash Management Services helps you run your business more efficiently, more profitably and with more management control. Intelligent cash management can help you get ahead of the competition and concentrate on what you do best - running, and scaling, your business. 

At Provident Bank, we deliver an array of innovative cash management products and services to meet your needs, including assistance with informative reporting, collection of receivables, options for payables and investment solutions. 

Our online banking technology addresses those challenges that are most cumbersome: working capital and efficiency. With simplified processes, streamlined reporting and seamless online workflow tools, we make managing your business easy.

Partner With Us

Better yet, we act as your strategic partner, collaborating with you to devise creative solutions that make sense for your business. We understand that the corporate world is hectic, complex and rife with challenges. We know that the economy is dynamic. That's why you need a bank you can rely on, one committed to you and your business.

Provident gives you the personal service and time and attention that you deserve. Because we're dedicated to building a deep relationship with our customers and helping their businesses thrive - long into the future. 

Our Services:
  • ProvidentConnect For Business: Online Banking made easy. Monitor your daily cash position, project cash flow, analyze trends and make borrowing and investing decisions confidently and quickly from the convenience of your home or office. 
  • ACH Origination Services: A more secure and inexpensive means of moving money than wire transfer or paper check, ACH origination offers improved efficiency and control. It can be used for payroll, concentration of funds, vendor payments, etc. 
  • Positive Pay: A check fraud prevention system that encourages cooperation between the bank and its customers. 
  • Remote Deposit Capture: A compact check scanner that allows business owners to deposit checks into their Provident account from the convenience of their home or office. 
  • Lockbox Service: A company designated post office box maintained and operated by the bank. Bank personnel open and deposit checks into your account, speeding the collection and posting of business receivables. The service also offer an online management tool with full image capture and retrieval capabilities. 
  • Sweep Investment Accounts: Automates the management of your daily balance to maximize earnings on excess cash, which are automatically invested overnight and easily accessible. 
  • Zero Balance Accounting: Simplifies the management of funds from multiple accounts. Automatic funding of disbursement accounts or automatic transfers into one centralized account streamline your cash flow and reduce quotidian manual tasks.
  • Wire Services: Allows for the origination of domestic or international wires through our ProvidentConnect for Business Online Banking service.
  • ACH Blocked Account - Positive Authorization: Protects an account from unauthorized ACH activity. Only predefined electronic entries post to the account. 

To Learn More:

To learn more about our Cash Management services, please peruse our site, visit our LinkedIn Forum or contact your Cash Management Officer today at 732.726.5441.