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Zero Balance Accounts- Provident Bank NJ


Zero Balance Accounts

From Provident Bank

At Provident Bank, we're committed to providing you with a Zero Balance Account (ZBA) that allows you to link multiple disbursement and/or collection accounts to a master account, providing you the convenience of concentrating cash in one centralized bank account. Individual bank statements for all master and disbursement accounts are provided and each entry is cross-referenced for tracking purposes.

At the end of the day, all available funds in your disbursement and/or collection accounts are transferred to the master account. Disbursement and/or collection accounts are funded for the exact amount needed to bring their balance to zero.

Concentration of funds in a single account provides improved management of funds while still having the ability to reconcile each account separately.

Let our experienced Cash Management Officers assist you on how best to position ZBA accounts as part of your account relationship. Contact our office at 732.726.5441 or visit a nearby Provident Bank branch.