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Business Loans & Lines of Credit

From Provident Bank

At Provident Bank, we are committed to finding ways to help your business grow profitably. As this growth occurs, you may need additional capital to finance your expansion plans. We can help you select the short- or long-term borrowing options best suited to your business.

Whether your company's financial needs are large or small, an experienced Provident Business Banker is ready to offer you prompt solutions with competitive rates, and flexible payment schedules.

Our Business Loans & Lines of Credit include:

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Provident Bank specializes in financing retail, office, warehouse, apartment and mixed-use buildings. A variety of competitive rates and terms are available from our team of commercial real estate professionals.

Construction Loans

Whether you're building from the ground up or adding onto an existing property, our construction finance experts can help make it happen. From tract developments with multiple homes to condominium developments, retail centers and office buildings, we offer flexible rates and terms.

Provident Bank's team of experts can arrange the construction financing needed to take a project from concept to completion.

Letters of Credit

Trade Letters of Credit help eliminate the obstacles involved in foreign trade. You can limit risk by ensuring both parties in an international transaction that goods, services or payment will be received.

Standby Letters of Credit provide a solution in domestic transactions where guarantee of payment is required before a product or service is rendered.

Overdraft Lines of Credit

Link an overdraft line of $5,000 to $10,000 to your Provident business checking account, and be confident in writing the checks up to your available credit limit. Use the funds for any purpose. Financial charges apply only for the time your credit line is in use.

Lines of Credit

Every business experiences interruptions in cash flow. Your Provident Business Banker can establish a working capital line of credit to help maintain your ongoing operations.

Term Loans

Expanding your business may require you to make equipment or vehicle purchases, renovations or leasehold improvements. A term loan can be tailored to meet these requirements with customized repayment terms and competitive fixed or floating rates.

Small Businesses Loans

For your Small Business financing needs up to $100,000, choose Provident Bank! Please be sure to complete an application in full and feel free to reach out to Mark Gueci at 888.534.8979 (x5542) with any questions.

If you have any questions about loans over $100,000, please call Steve Guidette at 888-534-8979 (x5532). We offer a full array of loan products for the Business Banking, Middle Market and Commercial Real Estate worlds.

SBA Loans

To strengthen economic development in our local communities, Provident Bank offers loans in cooperation with the Small Business Administration (SBA), a federal agency. The SBA provides loan guarantees (subject to credit approval) while Provident Bank's easy application process results in quick turnaround. These loans are offered, in most cases, with no balloon payments, no prepayment penalties and full amortization.

SBA Loan amounts can range from $200,000 to $5 million, and financing up to 100% is available. Rates are flexible.

For more information please call our Contact Center at 1-800-448-PROV (7768).