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Dining Dough will allow you to choose from many of the best restaurants in your area or around the country, and print electronic dining certificates valued at $25 which you purchase for just $4. You can also choose a $50 certificate and pay just $6.50. That is a savings of up to 87%! With GenGold®, dining out can be less expensive than dining at home. (Offer valid only on $25 and $50 value certificates) This is how it works:

Step 1 - Find Participating Restaurants

This step allows you to find all of the participating Dining Dough restaurants in the zip code(s) of your choice. You will not be able to ‘add to cart’ on the restaurant page without first purchasing and receiving your restaurant certificate code. Once you have located a restaurant and determined which type of certificate to buy, you can go to Step 2

Step 2 - Purchase your $25 or $50 Certificate Code

This step allows you to purchase your Dining Dough certificate(s). You do not have to indicate the restaurant of your choice. Certificates do not expire and will be sent to you electronically. Orders are processed within 24 hours, Monday thru Friday. Once you have received your electronic certificate number you are ready to go to Step 3

Step 3 - Print out your Restaurant Certificate

This step allows you to redeem your Dining Dough certificate number and print a physical certificate. Select the restaurant. Check out. Print your certificate and bring to the restaurant. Present the certificate to your server and enjoy! It is that easy!

If GenGold® is already a part of your relationship with Provident, just follow the 3 easy steps above and dine out with GenGold® Dining Dough!

If you would like to experience all the advantages that GenGold® offers, try it FREE for 60 days – you have nothing to lose, and a lot of savings to gain.