Merchant Services

The easier it is for your customers to make a payment—the more they will! Add more payment outlets and more payment options with Provident’s Merchant Services.  With us, you'll have fast access and improved efficiency.


Payment Outlets  


In-Store Terminals: Wireless or PC-integrated, our in-store solutions keep your business moving forward.  


Payment Options


Credit Cards: The credit card: the reigning king of commerce. Consumers are likely to spend twice as much money when using a credit card instead of cash. Capitalize on this behavior by accepting all of the major credit cards, including Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, American Express®, Diners Club®, and JCB®.


Debit Cards: PIN (Personal Identification Number)-based and signature-based debit transactions are the fastest growing form of electronic payment. This is good news because debit cards benefit both parties. They’re convenient for your customers and offer you reduced fraud, faster checkout times, and higher ticket averages. 


Gift Cards: Build your brand and boost your bottom line. Gift cards tend to bring in new customers, who often spend more than just the gift card amount. 


Checks: Minimize returned checks by turning a paper check into an electronic purchase at the point of sale using TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance®. Electronic checks are deposited directly into your account within 48 hours.